If you’re trying to get some gains, you need to be certain that you are fueling your body in the right way. This means finding the best supplements available so that you can feed your muscles, recover and reach peak physical condition.

Below are some of the best tips and guidelines you need to know when purchasing bodybuilding supplements.

1. Look For Omega 3 Fatty Acids

You’ll want to take in plenty of omega 3 fatty acids when you’re lifting heavy. Omega 3’s are great because they improve blood flow, which helps you have more endurance and better recovery when you work out. This alone will help you put on lots of mass.

In addition to helping you build muscle mass, Omega 3 fatty acids are excellent for testosterone production, brain health, and heart health.

By getting these acids in high doses in the form of a supplement, you will amplify the results you’re getting from every workout.

2. Buy Supplements That Have Clean Ingredients

Without question, purchasing nothing but clean and organic ingredients is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Stick with brands that do a battery of laboratory tests with independent and impartial testers.

In today’s world of athletics, you’re seeing people get popped for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), only to later find out that it was the result of a legitimately contaminated supplement. You need to know everything that you are putting in your body, and this can only happen when working with a laboratory that only uses the cleanest ingredients while maintaining a clean processing plant.

3. Decide on What Type of Protein You Want

In bodybuilding, just about every recommendation you get for a supplement stack will center around protein.

It’s the holy grail for bodybuilders, due to its ability to fuel your body with oxygen and repair muscles and tissues. As such, most bodybuilders supplement their protein intake regularly in the form of a shake or smoothie.

These protein mixes are typically made of whey protein, which is dairy-based. Some people prefer soy protein or other options. You can get remarkable benefits from hemp protein if you are looking for supplements that are plant-based, clean, and effective.

The key is to research as much as you can about the food source that the protein is based from to see how it works with your body and whether you have any allergies or restrictions.

4. Flavor and Ease of Use are Important

Never underestimate the importance of something as seemingly trivial as taste. If a product tastes good and is made with real food with great flavor, no one will have to twist your arm to take it every day.

Ease of use is critical as well. Does it take a lot of prep, or do you mix it and drink it? Does the product require any kind of refrigeration or other storage?

Understanding these things will help you start trying out different products and brands to see which suit you.

5. Always Look For Supplements That Grow Muscles and Boost Testosterone

Your prerequisite for bodybuilding supplements should be to choose something that remarkably grows your muscles and boosts your testosterone levels.

Some of the main supplements you should check for on the label should include zinc, D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D and magnesium — all of which are useful in shoring up testosterone deficiencies.

6. Find Some Recovery Supplements

Quality recovery time is just as crucial to your bodybuilding goals than anything else. There’s a reason why high-level athletes today are striving to get 10 or more hours per sleep every night.

Aside from rest and de-stressing, there are plenty of supplements that’ll assist you in your recovery.

Some of the most effective supplements that you can use for recovery include creatine, L-Glutamine, nitric oxide, and Ashwagandha. When you take these on a complete rest day or an active recovery day, it’ll give your body what it needs to rest and recharge, so that your muscles and break down and build up effectively.

7. Use Supplements That Have Nutritional Value, Rather Than Filler

When you flip the bottle over and read the label, make sure you’re keying in on the actual nutritional value, and not just the protein content or arbitrary claims.

Look for products that are based with real food, and that have clear information related to calories and daily intake. You’ll want to choose the right types of carbs since they are crucial to both the energy needed for your workouts and the building of muscle.

It’s also important to get an accurate calorie county for your daily services since every bit helps when you’re trying to pack on mass.

Further, choose a product that will give you your recommended doses of vitamins and minerals, since this will help with everything from your energy levels and sleep quality to the way that your brain functions.

Shop For the Best Bodybuilding Supplements

These are the tips you need to understand when it comes to shopping for bodybuilding supplements. You will get far more out of your workouts and your bodybuilding goals as a whole when you know what to look for in your supplements.

Whether you’re purchasing each supplement item by item or investing in some complex blends, use this checklist as your primer.

And of course, we’d be more than happy to steer you in the direction of some great supplements.

Touch base with us to shop for the best supplements and stacks on the market.