Legal Trenbolone alternatives

Bulking and fat cutting with a single steroid, Trenbolone Acetate, what’s not to like? This combination has made Trenbolone one of the most popular anabolic steroids on the planet. Weightlifters use this agricultural steroid to gain mass while losing fat, and are willing to risk serious Tren steroid side effects to get these explosive gains that Trenbolone acetate delivers.

Other Names for Trenbolone Steroids

Trenbolone is sold in the U.S. under various names, including trienolone or trienbolone acetate, Tren and Tbal.

What is Trenbolone Acetate's Use?

Trenbolone Acetate is used agriculturally to increase muscle mass and nutrient absorption in livestock. When the Tren steroid is injected, it acts as a prodrug ester, which means it enhances oral ingestion of the steroid. This prodrug effect allows Trenbolone to last longer in the system. While Tbal is onboard, it intensifies ammonia uptake in muscle fibers, which dramatically increases protein synthesis. This is why Tbal is a favorite with bodybuilders.

Trenbolone Side Effects

Some of the most common Tren steroid side effects include serious androgenic steroid complications like:

Gynecomastia - Better known as man boobs, occurs when the testosterone and estrogen balance is not balanced, or after you’ve been on a cycle too long.

High Blood Pressure - As with many other steroids high blood pressure is a life threatening Trenbolone side effect.

Acne - Tren's intense androgenic effect can cause acne. 

Male Pattern Baldness - The increased hormonal load on your body can accelerate the balding process.

Liver Damage - Fatty liver syndrome is another Trenbolone site effect.

Masculinization (women) - Tren can cause SEVERE masculinization when used by women even in small doses.

Neurological Disorders - In laboratory studies, mice have exhibited neural degradation with Tren steroid use.

Injection Site Issues - All injectable steroids carry the risk of infection or other issues at the injection site.  

Sexual Problems - A.k.a. Fina Dick, libido and erectile dysfunction are very common with Tren steroid usage.

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Steroids to Stack with Tren

While combining anabolic and androgenic effects can be effective, some people stack Trenbolone Acetate with other Testosterone based steroids to increase the effectiveness of Tbal. Post cycle therapy (PCT) is a must after a Trenbolone cycle, since Tren steroid side effects can be long lasting.

Where to Buy Tren Steroid

While Tren is illegal to buy or use in the United States, it is approved for veterinary use. This approval creates a black market demand for agricultural access to buy legal Trenbolone Acetate. There are also off-shore companies illegally formulating and shipping the steroid to the U.S. and around the world.

As an injectable steroid, Tbal needs to be pure and high-quality. Agricultural formulas are not manufactured to the same human restrictions and consequently the quality, potency and purity can vary widely. 

Common Tren Questions

Where can I get Trenbolone legally?

-There is no legal source for human quality Tren steroids in the U.S. When you buy Trenbolone, you are taking a big legal and health risk.

Are injections safe?

-When administered in a clinical setting, injections are very safe, however outside of clinical environments, sharing needles, re-using needles, or other contamination can spread HIV or other pathogens.

What dosage of Trenbolone Acetate should I use?

-50mg every other day is a common dosage for Trenbolone, however it is a very harsh chemical and it will cause the Trenebolone side effects listed above, limiting the dose to the lowest effective amount is very important.

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What are Legal Alternatives to Trenbolone Acetate?

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Legal alternatives to Trenbolone for Bulking