Trenbolone, sometimes called Tren, is a popular anabolic steroid, used by some in the bodybuilding community. However, it has been criticized for being too powerful. While this can mean bigger gains, it also means bigger risks. Here are some of the issues you might face when you start taking Trenbolone.

Types of Trenbolone

Let’s start by looking at this type of anabolic steroid and how it works. Trenbolone stopped being made for human consumption in 1997. Today, the main application is in livestock production. It is used to increase muscle growth in the cows while reducing their appetite. Most of the Trenbolone that is sold to bodybuilders is produced in illegal labs, which makes it impossible to regulate the type of chemicals that are being used.

There are two forms of Trenbolone, Tren A or Tren E. Tren A has a lower half-life. This means that you will need to add injections every few days. But it will make it easy to keep the amount of Trenbolone in your bloodstream consistent. On the other hand, Tren E has a longer life span, so you don’t need to inject it as often. Proponents claim that Tren E has fewer side effects, although this is debatable.

Dosage of Trenbolone

You might need to inject just 200 milligrams every other day to start to see results. This can be compared to something like Turinabol. You’ll need a tbol dosage of 20 milligrams a day.

If you want, you can increase the dose of Trenbolone. Some users will do 600 milligrams per week. Such high doses aren’t recommended for beginners. It also increases the chance that you will experience harsh side effects.

Why is Trenbolone so Popular

There are a few reasons why Tren steroids are so popular. One of the biggest benefits is that it won’t convert to estrogen inside the body. This will help remove some of the more serious side effects associated with steroid use. For example, there is no chance that men will grow breasts or develop other female features.

Furthermore, because it is so strong, the effective dose will be fairly low. Now that we know more about what Tren steroids are and how they work, let’s look at some of the reasons why it might not be a good idea to use them.

Oilier Skin

Your body will naturally produce oils. But when you start to take Tren, it will go into overdrive. This increases the amount of oil you will be producing. This will make your skin oilier. It will also cause pimples to develop.


When you are taking steroids, it can start to re-wire your brain. This has led to the term “‘roid rage.” People can sometimes lose control of their temper. They might also find that you are getting stressed, making you feel like you are losing control.

This effect will be felt more acutely by those who are taking Tren steroids. They will find it easier to get upset.  Making things more problematic, it has such a profound impact that it can cause anger and stress if you decide to try and quit. Sometimes, it can lead to a crash. You can feel depressed and lose your energy. The longer you have been taken Trenbolone, the more powerfully you will experience these withdrawal symptoms.

Hair Loss

Whether you will experience hair loss will depend, in part, on your genetic history. If you have a history of male pattern baldness, there is a greater chance that you will experience baldness. This has been shown to lead to body image issues amongst some men. It can even lead to feelings of inadequacy or depression. Because of this, it’s estimated that $3.5 billion is spent on hair restoration. If you continue to take Tren steroids, though, it’s unlikely that this treatment will be successful for you.


Trenbolone contains small particles of oil. When you inject them into your bloodstream, it can start to cause some problems. The body thinks that the oil is a foreign substance. Because of that, it will begin to fight it. It does this by sending it to the lungs. The body will try to expel the oil by coughing. This is not unusual when injecting steroids. But the coughing induced by taking Trenbolone will be particularly intense.

Risk of an Infected Needle

Trenbolone needs to be injected, it doesn’t come as tablets that can be taken orally. This can be opening you to the dangers that come from using an infected needle. This can lead to the transmission of diseases, like HIV.

Erectile Dysfunction

If you want to use Trenbolone to get bigger muscles and attract women, you might want to re-think this plan. Taking a steroid as powerful as this will disrupt the testosterone levels in your body. You’ll often find a reduction in the amount of natural testosterone that you are producing. This can cause a range of problems. But the most significant will be erectile dysfunction. For many men, this will be the most embarrassing side effect of this drug. Furthermore, lower levels of natural testosterone might start to impact your sex drive. Your libido will start to fade.

If you get off the drug, you should notice these effects starting to reverse.  However, it can lead to longer-lasting problems. It has been linked to infertility. This can be a major source of embarrassment, particularly for younger men.

Is Trenbolone Legal?

Trenbolone is classed by the FDA as a schedule three controlled substance. Because of this, it will be illegal for you to use it. If you get caught, you could be facing harsh penalties. Plus, the fact that it isn’t legal will be exposing you to more dangers. There is no oversight of the manufacturing process, most of the drugs are being produced in underground labs. If you get a bad batch, there is a chance that you could be exposed to potentially fatal chemicals.

Is it Worth it?

Whether the risks of taking Tren steroids outweigh the downsides will depend on you. In my opinion, it doesn’t stack up. Even though you might have gotten bulky muscles, there is a huge downside. You will end up more oily, bald, and with sexual problems. If you are bulking up to attract a woman, this isn’t the right drug to use to do it. Plus, you will be risking your long-term health with one of the most powerful anabolic steroids on the market.

Legal Alternatives

While you shouldn’t risk your health using dangerous steroids, like Trenbolone, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use supplements. At Crazy Mass, we have some great legal, effective alternatives that you can use. It doesn’t require you to inject yourself. Most specifically, you can use T-Bal 75 Elite Series. This will help you cut weight while bulking muscle. This will allow you to replicate the effects of Trenbolone, without experiencing the harsh side effects.

There are a few other reasons why people opt to use the T-Bal 75 Elite Series. It will help you improve your nitrogen retention. This will allow you to improve your protein synthesis. Furthermore, this supplement will help you harden your muscle. Because it’s so fast-acting, it won’t take you long to start experiencing these effects.


Trenbolone is one of the most powerful supplements available to the bodybuilding community. This can deliver powerful effects. But it comes with significant downsides. It can make your skin oily, give you anger problems, and cause you to go bald. It can even lead to erectile dysfunction and infertility. Because of this, the drug was banned in 1997.