The most recent study concerning men and what the masses like to refer to as “man boobs” shows that men now account for 40% of all breast reduction surgeries.

Man boobs are actually called gynecomastia in the medical world, which refers to a swelling of breast tissue. While it’s not a life or death situation, popular media has got men feeling a bit self-conscious about their bodies nowadays, too.

What’s there to know about man boobs? Quite a lot, actually. Keep reading to learn more about the condition and how you can get rid of man boobs if you have them. 

What Are Man Boobs?

It’s important to first understand that men have breasts and even milk ducts. So, technically all men have, well, man boobs.

However, in men, breast tissue doesn’t develop as it does in women. This is due to the presence of testosterone, which prevents the tissue from growing.

Like any hormone, however, certain people have varying levels of different hormones. We aren’t all born with the exact same levels of every single hormone in our bodies, and that’s usually one of the main factors of what causes manboobs.

Some men have naturally low levels of testosterone or higher levels of estrogen, both of which could contribute to the presence of larger or more developed breasts.

Sometimes, they can be caused by underlying medical conditions or even severe weight loss.

One plastic surgeon noted that he had performed breast reduction surgery on a variety of different men. Some men were obese, older, or even former bodybuilders who had lost their muscle mass and were looking to tighten the surrounding skin.

However, he noticed that it rarely had anything to do with bodybuilding itself. It was always more about self-esteem.

If you’re a man and you feel like your breast tissue is more pronounced or swollen than it should be, then it’s important to speak with your doctor first to make sure the cause isn’t something serious. 

If everything checks out, then it might just be time to change your diet and exercise routine. Surgery is an option, and testosterone boosters and help, but it’s always best to go the natural route first. 

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

One quick search on the internet and you’ll find numerous different techniques that will help you learn how to get rid of man boobs.

The most effective? Changing your diet and exercise first.

For most men that don’t have some underlying medical condition, moobs form when they have excess fat on their chest. Their pectoral muscles are still there, they’re just hidden!

This means that if they work at losing the excess fat while gaining muscle at the same time, they can get rid of the man boob problem easily.

Exercises That Target Man Boobs

You can’t target fat loss in one specific area of your body, so you’re going to have to work to strengthen specific muscle groups while also focusing on cardio in order to burn fat. 

Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise for burning fat, and it can help work other muscle groups in your chest area.

You probably won’t get rid of your man boobs just by swimming, but it’s going to help a little bit more than something like cycling might.

The best exercises to reduce the presence of man boobs are ones that obviously target the chest muscles. However, there are three exercises in particular that are going to help you see faster, better results.

First, you can start with barbell bench presses.

Make sure the bar is at shoulder width and that you’re working to pull your shoulder blades together. As your elbows come down, keep them at a 45-degree angle.

While you’re still on the bench press, take time to do some dumbbell pullovers. It’s one of the best exercises for man boobs, as it really forces you to increase the tension in your pectoral muscles.

Another great exercise is to use a pec deck machine. Try doing bent-forward cable crossovers.

You’re going to want to grab the handles with your palms down and then maintain a flat back as you lean over. Exhale as you push your arms down for the crossover and then return to the starting position as you inhale.

Looking for a chest exercise that doesn’t require any equipment? Pushups are a great exercise for bulking up your chest area. Make sure you’re opening your arms wide and stopping before you reach the ground.

Decline pushups will enhance the effects if you’re able to do them.

Dieting to Reduce Man Boobs

Because your main focus is going to be on losing weight, your overall goal is going to be to consume fewer calories than you burn.

However, you’ll want to make sure that you’re optimizing the calories that you are consuming.

As a male, it’s crucial that you’re getting enough protein to build lean muscles in your pectorals, so reducing your fat and carbohydrate intake might not be ideal for you, depending on your body type. 

Combining a solid nutrition plan with the right mixture of cardio and weight training is going to be key. And, using the right kind of bodybuilding supplements are going to really help you see results.

In terms of nutrition, it’s important that you cut out any excess fat or sugar in your diet. If you’re already doing that and aren’t seeing results, then you might need to increase your cardio.

Consuming a lot of protein will help you build muscle mass, which is going to help burn more fat over time. Achieving a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day should be your goal in the beginning.

Overall, genetics will play a part in determining how thin you need to be in order to completely get rid of your man boobs. Some men are naturally built in a way that means their bodies store more fat in their chests.

Taking the Right Supplements

If you find that your body is the kind that naturally stores fat easier, then think about supplements. A stack of supplements that include all-natural alternatives to certain hormones and steroids is going to really take your results to the next level.

Explosive strength gains are going to be crucial in your success, and because you’re targeting your chest muscles pretty much exclusively, you need to look for supplements that help you recover fast.

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