You might not think so, but there’s actually an art to packing your gym bag. And when you’re a serious gym-goer, like a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, you know there’s a pretty big list of essentials that you NEED to bring to the gym in order for your workout to be on point.

  1. Your favorite pair of headphones. And a backup pair, because let’s face it: It’s really hard to get pumped for your lift without music. We love Bluetooth headphones. You can pair them with your phone, then set your phone down on the bench next to you, or even leave it in your gym bag if the headphones have a far enough range. This is extremely handy because you don’t have to deal with the long, annoying headphone cord anymore.
  2. A water bottle. This may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at how many people forget to bring one to the gym, and they spend half of their time hanging out at the water fountain instead of putting in the work.
  3. A snack, in case you hit a wall in the middle of your workout and need some quick sugars. We recommend having a banana, orange, or apple stashed in your bag. However, many bulking bodybuilders who need a ton of calories have also snagged some sugary candy for some quick-digesting intra-workout carbs.
  4. Lifting belt. If you plan to go super heavy on your deadlift or squat, it’s a good idea for bodybuilders to have one of these on hand. But only use it when your form might be sacrificed, like on a 1 or 2 rep max. Don’t be that dude who wears a lifting belt for curls. You shouldn’t need back support for accessory movements if you know what you’re doing.
  5. Lifting straps. These are super handy for when you want to hit a heavy deadlift or farmer’s carry. When your forearms are cashed, but your back and core can still lift more weight, give your forearms a little bit of help by using the lifting straps. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice a few extra reps just because your forearms are giving out before your back and core. And if you don’t know the farmer’s carry exercise, you definitely need to add it to your routine. Check it out here.
  6. Natural muscle building supplements. Depending on your stack, chances are you might need to take supplements for bodybuilding right before your workout. And no matter what stack you’re on, you should always be drinking a protein shake after you hit a hard lifting session. Keeping natural muscle building supplements in your gym bag is convenient and ensures you don’t forget to take them.
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  7. A notebook. We highly recommend tracking your workouts, rep range, lift load, and maxes. This is not only a great way to stay organized, but it’s motivating to look back and see your progress over the months.
  8. A towel. If you get extra sweaty during your workout (and you should be!) use a towel out of respect for other members. Nobody wants to start using a bench or machine only to find someone else’s sweat all over it. Use a towel, and wipe everything down with antibacterial wipes after you’re finished using it. This is common gym etiquette.
  9. A jump rope. This is super handy if you hate traditional cardio and crave something different. A jump rope may not seem like something that can get your heart rate up, but you’ll change your mind after you try it! If Rocky used one in his training, we want to use one, too. Who doesn’t want to be like Rocky?!
  10. A lock for a locker. If your gym has an open locker room, it would be good to keep your bag locked up during your workout. You can never be too careful when it comes to your valuables.
  11. Toiletries. Even if you don’t shower at the gym, it’s good to have some hand sanitizer, deodorant, and somebody sprays in your bag, just in case you’re having an extra stinky day from all the extra testosterone being produced in your body.

So now you know what a bodybuilder brings to the gym. You don’t need a fancy gym bag, expensive heart rate monitors, or a high-tech watch. Just pack your essentials, bring your bodybuilding supplements, get to the gym, crank the music, and make some massive gains!