Testosterone comes in a variety of forms and is a popular substance for those seeking fast muscle gains. Pills and injections are quite popular, but a third substance exists; liquid Anavar. What is liquid Anavar, and how does it differ from other testosterone forms?

Liquid Anavar is a liquid anabolic steroid, which is typically sold on the black market. Contrasted against pills and injections, it is taken orally and can get to work quickly. It is not regulated, however, is illegal, and has a variety of health risks attached to it.

Keep reading to learn more about liquid Anavar, how it differs from traditional testosterone forms, how it works, and how it can negatively interact with your body.

How Is Liquid Anavar Different?

Liquid Anavar is an unregulated form of the popular steroid Anavar, which can be taken orally in small yet potent doses. It is often helpful for increasing muscle mass, weight loss, and improvements in stamina.

Anavar (or Oxandrolone) in any form is an anabolic steroid that mimics the effects of testosterone in the human body. These substances bind to testosterone receptors in the body, convincing muscles that there’s been an increase in testosterone, and bulking up muscle mass.

Often used clinically to help patients suffering muscle loss after a long illness, these steroids have also become popular in the bulking and weightlifting community. Anavar is commonly found in the form of pills as a bulking supplement, and can also be used as a gel or a cream. The gains can be noticeable, especially when Anavar is combined with

  • Exercise
  • A Healthy Diet
  • Plenty of Sleep
  • A Low-Stress Lifestyle

But liquid Anavar is a bit different. It’s a liquid form of the steroid, meaning that it can hit the bloodstream quicker and more effectively than a pill. It’s not legally on the market in the US and is generally obtained on the black market.

It typically comes in small, glass bottles with an eye dropper lid for easy administration. It tends to be inexpensive and can be milder in overall effect than pills or creams. You may also notice that the androgenic effects of liquid Anavar are far milder, too. This makes the liquid suspension popular with female athletes; smaller doses, milder effects, and less risk of masculinizing side effects.

Where did this form of the drug come from, and what is the history of Anavar overall?

Where Does Liquid Anavar Originate?

The liquid form of Anavar was first produced in 1964 as a treatment for muscle wasting in older and chronically ill adults. Liquid Anavar was carefully formulated to scale back androgenic effects while maximizing muscle growth and working quickly.

It was also formulated to be uniquely effective when taken orally. The liquid form of the drug made this a great choice for older adults who may have issues swallowing pills, and the milder impact of the drug made it safer for those with smaller bodies or weaker systems.

Development on the drug continued, and pill forms of Oxandrolone gradually overtook the liquid form in preference. The pill form was capable of delivering more of the drug in a slow-release format, and was seen as optimal for treating wasting disease and muscle weakness.

Anavar has remained a controlled drug for medical purposes since and remains popular around the world as a legitimate drug and as an underground bulking agent.

So why do some athletes prefer it? What’s the benefit of a liquid steroid?

Why Do Some Athletes Prefer Liquid Anavar?

Liquid Anavar hits the system faster and in smaller bursts of intensity. This makes it ideal for those just starting with steroid dosing, as the effects can be felt quickly while keeping quantities (ideally) safer.

Anavar in general is preferred for its focus on building muscle mass and helping an athlete lose weight, without a lot of the more drastic steroid side effects such as male fertility issues or masculinization in women.


This combination of gentler doses and milder effects has made liquid Anavar especially popular with female bodybuilders. Some lifters describe Anavar as a “girl’s drug” for this reason, though many men have reported similarly favorable results while using it, too.

Short-term use tends to help with weight loss and muscle gains, with most temporary users reporting few serious side effects. The liquid format can be easier to take than a pill, and there are no needles involved.

This all sounds intriguing, but… is liquid Anvar legal? Is it permissible to bulk with this substance in the US?

Is Liquid Anvar Legal?

Liquid Anavar is technically a black market, underground substance whose manufacturing and use is not regulated or approved by the FDA. This makes it illegal. But the illegality doesn’t stop with the liquid suspension form of Anavar.

According to United States Law, as of June 2023, Anavar in 2.5 mg and 10 mg forms is no longer approved for legal use, even with a prescription. The FDA permit for Anavar to be manufactured in low doses has been withdrawn, and these were the low doses preferred by bulkers. However, as of the writing of this article, higher doses of the drug (useful for treating burn victims) remain legal.

Will this change in the future? We’ve noticed the FDA and Congress getting tougher and tougher on steroids with each passing year. It is possible that within the coming years, even the higher mg forms of Anavar will come under scrutiny as well, making the drug impossible to obtain legally.


This is interesting, as Anavar was considered a safer, milder form of anabolic steroid. This allowed it to fly under the radar of the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 2014 and allowed bodybuilders to benefit from it for longer. No longer, however.

What does this mean for the future of Anavar as a bulking drug? For one thing, the demand for black-market Anavar in pill form will likely increase. This will create a niche for even more underground suppliers, but may also lead to poor-quality drugs and a risk of contaminated substances.

This brings us to the question of where the present supply of liquid Anavar is coming from. Where and how is it made? What are these facilities like?

Where Is Liquid Anavar Made?

Liquid Anavar is made in underground (illegal) labs that manufacture black-market forms of anabolic steroids for sale to bodybuilders and bulkers.

These labs operate beyond the view of the law, often working out of facilities that use another, more legitimate-sounding business name. These labs work with raw steroid powder, liquid steroids, and chemicals to convert the raw materials into pills or suspensions. The finished product is then sold illegally to bodybuilders and bulkers.


Illegal steroid labs can also operate out of homes and garages, resulting in a lot of fairly cheap, underground stuff whose manufacturing is not regulated or managed by any safety measures. This means that the steroids you get may not be safe, pure, or properly labeled.

And getting the right dose when you’re bulking is important, especially if you’re trying to minimize negative side effects, or stack with your present weight in mind.

Another downside to these illegal facilities? They get raided. The United States Drug Enforcement Administration carefully monitors popular bulking discussion forums, is on the lookout for labs, and swoops in periodically to shut the labs down and seize illegal products.

This could mean that your score of liquid Anavar might land you in trouble with the law. We don’t think it’s worth it. Having said that, if you do manage to score some of this stuff, what’s a generally accepted way to take it?

Can Liquid Anavar Be Safely Used?

Just to be clear, the liquid Anavar you just scored from your friend at the gym may not be what it’s labeled as. Those underground labs can mislabel things, measure out incorrect doses, and adulterate products easily. This is especially true if steroids are being made next to other illegal substances.

Liquid Anavar typically comes in small, 20 mg per ml bottles. The liquid bottle dropper will hold 0.5 ml, giving you 10 mg of Anavar per eyedropper full.

We still don’t recommend using something illegal, but a typical starting dose is 10 mg in the morning and 10 mg in the evening. Start small and see what your body can handle. It is very easy to take too much of a liquid, so be careful, and make sure that you’re not accidentally overdosing.

Larger, male athletes who can tolerate the drug well might use as much as 25 mg per application safely, but this depends on your body’s tolerance levels, health, and mass.

The liquid Anavar can be taken neat, combined with Peg 300, and then mixed with alcohol, or blended into a smoothie.

How long should you go with this regimen? 6 weeks of Anavar combined with a routine of workouts, healthy eating, and a low-sugar diet should help muscle mass increase and weight fall off. Give your body 6 weeks of rest afterward, allowing your liver to fully filter the drug from your system, and giving your body a chance to recover.

In fact, you may wish to use Anavar primarily to kickstart weight loss and muscle gain, as opposed to being a long-term solution. Failure to do so can lead to some harmful side effects, and most Anavar users report illness or injury with long-term as opposed to short-term use. What are these negative side effects, and are they serious?

Does Liquid Anavar Have Side Effects?

Most users find liquid Anavar works well for them in small to moderate doses over 6 weeks. Side effects are usually minimal, but can include acne, hair thinning, and changes to sex drive.