Bodybuilding is a unique sport because its contestants are judged on their physical appearance rather than their skills. Bodybuilders receive scores according to the size and definition of their muscles.

This means bodybuilders are judged not on how they use their training, but on the training itself. How well you train determines the aesthetic of your appearance as a bodybuilder.

Because bodybuilding is an aesthetic sport, conditions like roid gut can throw a big wrench in your ability to score well at competitions.

For those new to the bodybuilding world, you might be wondering, “What is roid gut and how do I get rid of it?”

This guide will answer all of your roid gut questions, ensure you can nail a vacuum pose, and offer tips for avoiding roid gut as well as solutions for getting rid of it.

What Is Roid Gut?

The technical term for roid gut is palumboism. The most prevalent theory regarding palumboism is that it is related to the extreme growth the body undergoes during bulking.

Palumboism supposedly occurs due to the overuse or abuse of supplements like insulin, human growth hormone, and anabolic peptide hormones.

These supplements encourage automatic fat storage and heightened connective tissue. This can cause a swollen liver, fluid build-up, and thickening of the muscular layers of the pelvis. Hence the bloated, distended stomach.

What Causes Roid Gut?

Roid gut causes include overuse of supplements and steroids as well as binge eating.

Taking a small amount of human growth hormone or insulin won’t cause any noticeable difference in your abdomen. It is when these supplements get abused that you risk developing roid gut.

Bodybuilders love insulin because it has high anabolic effects. Insulin helps the body to absorb larger amounts of sugar from the blood, as well as higher levels of protein.

Therefore, insulin creates an increased synthesis of protein and increased energy from heightened sugar absorption. These two factors combined make insulin ideal for bodybuilders trying to bulk up.

However, insulin can also cause a significant amount of water retention. This is what contributes to the bloating known as roid gut.

Bodybuilders use human growth hormone to increase the size of their muscles.

Human growth hormone occurs naturally in the human body. It is what causes our bodies to grow during childhood and puberty. But human growth hormone stops when our growth plates close.

Logically, human growth hormone works really well for developing larger than average muscles. It is ideal for bodybuilding.

The problem with human growth hormone is that it doesn’t only increase your musculature, it increases the size of any part of the body that doesn’t have a closed growth plate.

That means human growth hormone will also cause your face, hands, feet, and some other organs to continue to expand and grow in addition to your muscles. Any growth in the abdominal area will naturally cause your stomach to enlarge. In addition, the walls of your skin and muscles will grow larger to accommodate the growth in your stomach.

That’s how bodybuilders end up with distended stomachs despite having very little fat on their bodies at all.

Other Roid Gut Causes

There is an ongoing debate over what the exact causes of roid gut are. In addition to palumboism, there are a few other theories about what causes roid gut.

One theory is that slow digestion causes roid gut. When bodybuilders use diuretics before loading up on carbohydrates they suffer from dehydration. Dehydration means the body doesn’t have enough water to make glycogen.

Inability to make the desired amount of glycogen causes the abdominal muscles to stretch and fluid builds up behind them to fill the space. Thus, a bulge forms in the abdomen.

Another theory is that it just isn’t possible to have both a small waist and extremely large abdominal muscles.

The final theory is improper management of supplements. Achieving the proper balance between your diet, supplements, and exercise practice is key when preparing for a bodybuilding competition.

Bodybuilders aim to achieve the maximum amount of bulk before cutting. Miscalculations regarding the number and amount of supplements you take during training can cause the distended stomach described as roid gut.

Avoiding Roid Gut

There are several things that help bodybuilders in avoiding roid gut. The easiest thing to do, of course, is to avoid using human growth hormone and insulin.

Instead, use natural supplements for cutting fat and hardening muscles.

Use Supplements As Recommended

However, to prevent roid gut, you do not necessarily need to stop taking supplements entirely. All you really need to do is make sure you use these supplements according to their recommended doses.

It is also important to make sure you are using legal steroids. Illegal steroid use can contribute to distended and bloated guts for bodybuilders.

Eat a Balanced Diet

The second thing you can do to prevent roid gut is to make sure you maintain a nutritious diet even while bulking. Avoid filling up on junk foods that are high in fat, carbohydrates, and sugars.

Instead, maintain a balanced diet that meets all of your nutritional needs. It is also important to avoid overeating, an activity common among bodybuilders during the off-season.

At the end of the day, you want your body to be as strong on the inside as it appears on the outside.

Train According to Your Abilities

Finally, maintain a balanced training regimen. Don’t push your body beyond its limits. Be realistic about what you can handle and increase your limits gradually and safely.

If you need tips for developing a healthy bodybuilding regimen, check out this exercise advice for gaining your dream upper body.

Finding a good balance between your diet, supplements, and training regimen will allow you to achieve your peak physical form without sacrificing your stomach to roid gut.

Roid Gut Solutions

Fortunately, it is possible to reverse roid gut. Unfortunately, if you are already experiencing roid gut, you will have to stop all use of human growth hormone, steroids, and insulin.

You don’t want to stop cold turkey, though. That can cause the body to go into withdrawal. So begin by tapering off your dosages gradually.

Once you get the human growth hormone, steroids, and insulin out of your system, the tissues of your stomach and intestines will shrink back down to their usual size.

Where to Find Natural Bodybuilding Supplements

What is roid gut? It’s the distended, bloated stomach seen on many bodybuilders over the past few decades that is caused by abuse of supplements like human growth hormone, insulin, and steroids.

The best way to avoid roid gut is to use legal supplements as directed. In order to do that, you need to know where to get the best supplements for bodybuilding.

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