Bodybuilders have long turned to drugs to help them boost their muscles and get results fast. In this area, TB-500 has earned a strong reputation. But it doesn’t come without its risks. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before deciding if this is the right choice for you.

What is TB-500 and How Does it Work?

This is a drug that was originally invented for use in animals. By giving it to racing animals, they will be able to grow more muscle. This improves their performance on the track. Trainers also use it to reduce the animal’s risk of injury.

However, it has since crossed into the human world, where it produces similar results. This is because of how it affects the body. It is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring protein, known as thymosin peptide.

It uses the process of upregulation in the body. This boosts the production of cellular proteins which aim to help the body recover from injuries. This, combined with the light nature of the TB-500 chemical compound, allow it to travel quickly around the body, repairing injuries.

Scientists first discovered this peptide in the 1960s. They were impressed by some of the properties that it was able to offer. After more experimentation, they invented TB-500. It was in use by the end of 1975.

As we mentioned, this was primarily created for use in animals. This has proven to be quite effective. Some of the benefits that they have discovered include. Promoting the growth of stem cells. This allows the plants to heal at a cellular level. This has increased the rate at which these wounds will heal. This can be a good way of managing chronic injury.

Other benefits have included helping animals manage conditions like diabetes. It has also proven effective at increasing stamina.

Benefits of Using TB-500

There are also some benefits that humans can expect when taking this drug. This is why it has proven to be so popular amongst bodybuilders. Interestingly, they are different from what steroids will usually be able to provide.

A good example of this is the ability to help with hair growth. This is in direct contrast to most anabolic steroids, which cause hair loss.

Like in animals, it is an effective way for you to prevent being injured. For example, it will allow you to lower inflammation and can be an effective way of controlling pain. After an injury, it will be able to help you repair your wounds more quickly.

This might also be able to help you improve your athletic performance. Many people report that taking TB-500 will be able to help them improve their flexibility.  It can be a good way of boosting your endurance. This will allow you to spend more time working out hard in the gym.

Most importantly for bodybuilders, though, this compound is an effective way of building muscle mass quickly. This will allow you to build your strength.

Getting the Best Results From TB-500

The type of results you can expect from TB-500 will depend on the type of dose you are taking it in. The good news is that the dosage is relatively low. When you first start taking the drug, you will need to take between four to ten milligrams twice per week. Do this for one and a half months.

Once your body is used to the drug, you can lower the dosage even further. You will only need to take between two to five milligrams once a week. This will allow you to maintain the benefits that you are experiencing.

Mixing the TB-500

If you want to use TB-500, you’ll need to purchase it online. Often, it will come as a powder. You’ll need to mix it with bacteriostatic water to create the substance you’ll need to inject yourself with.

One of the most difficult thing to calculate will be the dosage.  In this case, you will consider both the amount of powder you have and the number of milligrams of TB-500 you are adding. You will need to find the right ratio of drug to water.

After you have found the right dosage, you’ll need to inject it. This will be fairly easy. You can inject it into the muscle or a vein. If you prefer, you can just put it under the skin.

Side Effects of Using TB-500

This area can be difficult to determine. There hasn’t been a lot of scientific research into the long-term effects on humans, as it was developed for animals. However, there have been consistent concerns about the risk of cancer. At present, there is a lot of debate in this area.

However, there is a link between thymosin and cancer. This is something a chemical that TB-500 has been known to increase production of. This is why many people think that there could be a link between cancer and TB-500.

Another, less serious consequence, is a feeling of nausea. This often occurs shortly after you have injected yourself. Generally, though, this will go away within a few minutes.

You can’t take TB-500 orally, it will need to be injected. This can cause a few problems. For example, if you fail to sanitize the needle properly, there is a chance that you could be exposing yourself to infection. This is how serious diseases like HIV and AIDs can spread.

However, the worst impact might be to your reputation. TB-500 is banned by the WADA. You won’t be able to use it at any time. If you are tested, and they find it in your system, you could be banned from the sport. In some cases, you might even be stripped of any awards that you might have won. Because of this, using it isn’t worth the risk for most pro bodybuilders.

How to Buy TB-500

Because it isn’t manufactured for human use, you will need to be more strategic about how you purchase it. You will need to go online. Often, you will be able to find it under the name TB-500. However, sometimes you might need to use an alternative name. It might be known as thymosin beta-4.

It should be noted that many of these sites will sell these drugs as research chemicals. Usually, there will be a warning indicating that they are not for human consumption. The dubious nature of these sites often means that they aren’t regulated by the FDA. Because of this, it can be hard to verify whether these have been manufactured safely. You should make sure that you be very careful when using these drugs.

Legal Alternatives to TB-500

The good news is that you don’t have to turn to these potentially dangerous drugs to see results. You can find just as much effectiveness from legal alternatives. At Crazy Mass, we have several options to choose from. Our stacks are designed to safely simulate the benefits of TB-500, without the risks. You will be able to improve your strength and boost your stamina. Or you can focus on a stack that will allow you to rapidly boost your muscle mass.


TB-500 is a popular choice for bodybuilders. You’ll be able to get more strength while lowering your recovery time and protecting yourself from serious injury. However, it also comes with some serious downsides. Most importantly, it was designed for animals rather than humans. As a result, research on human side effects remains sketchy, though there is the potential it can lead to cancer. Because of this, it might be best to stick to a safer alternative to get the benefits without any of the risks.