A cycle is the period during which you are focused on achieving a particular bodybuilding goal. Cycles vary in length depending on your individual needs, goals and fitness level. There are three commonly recognized cycles.

Bulking cycle – The primary goal is to gain muscle. Choose products that help you build mass and support recovery, expect to also gain some fat.

Cutting cycle – The primary goal is to highlight the gains achieved during the bulking cycle. Show off your new muscle and burn the fat you picked up. Choose products that help you burn fat and boost energy.

Lean bulk cycle – This combined cycle lets you train your focus on the twin goals of bulking up without picking up too much fat. Choose supplements that support muscle gains, resist water retention and torch fat.

Crazymass offers safe, legal steroid supplements for each cycle. All of our products are made with natural ingredients, so no need to worry about health complications or organ damage. As with any supplement, it is important to take time off between cycles.

Natural ingredients mean shorter, more effective on/off cycles with Crazymass products

Plan to use our products for up to eight weeks before taking ten days off. You can expect to begin seeing gains in about 30 days with Crazymass legal steroid supplements. Banned steroid products generally take much longer to produce results, thus putting your organs at greater risk. These products also require more time off for recovery. Crazymass has found that eight-week cycles are effective, which saves you time and money. In fact, cycles that are too long don’t produce any net gains, and the consequence may be greater losses at the end of the cycle.

Time off increases effectiveness

Any supplement will lose its effectiveness if you take it too long. Our bodies adapt quickly and build a tolerance to the ingredients, so the initial effect we achieved is reduced or even eliminated. Taking a break from supplements allows receptors in the body that have become desensitized to the ingredients begin to fully respond to the product again. In other words, you will start to realize gains similar to those you achieved when the supplement was new to your system after you have taken a break. Giving your body a break also lets it resume its natural processes. For example, taking a break from certain testosterone boosting supplements allows your body to resume its own natural production of testosterone. Extended use of supplements designed to boost testosterone will disrupt natural production over time if you don’t cycle off.