Bodybuilding requires a maintained level of steroid production and consumption. However, the intense physical activity needed by bodybuilding quickly depletes the supply of natural hormones. Hence, bodybuilders often resort to supplementing themselves with steroids that may be dangerous or illegal. The wild yam root is a natural substance that provides a solution to this predicament. Certain steroids, namely progesterone – can be obtained from the wild yam root and contribute to the body’s hormone production that is necessary to successfully bodybuild.

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What Is Wild Yam Root?

Wild yams are a vine-like plant commonly found in African countries. Its roots, which are deeply grounded rhizome extensions, are harvested and processed for consumption. The root is not widely consumed as a raw food; instead, the yam root can be broken down into a powder and incorporated into food dishes, or the liquid diosgenin can be extracted. The yam root can then be contrived into a supplemental form that has been growing in popularity among bodybuilders.

Diosgenin and Testosterone Levels

Wild yam roots contain an essential chemical called diosgenin. When wild yam root supplements are consumed, hormones are rapidly produced from a chain of chemical reactions. The metabolic responses and processes of the body are hence enhanced by the root, resulting in increased levels of progesterone. In males, progesterone is used to produce the hormone known as testosterone. Increasing progesterone levels- and with them, testosterone levels- helps the body to build muscle mass, muscle strength, and muscle endurance. This is accomplished by the body’s conversion of testosterone into estradiol. Estradiol helps fat tissue to repel and reduce the amount of fat stored in the body, and it increases the rate of protein synthesis. The root supplement is hence very valuable to bodybuilders who desire to maintain muscle function and ability.

Pain Relief, Lower Cholesterol, and More Benefits

There also exist more alternative but valuable uses for the wild yam root. In its supplemental form, the root has been demonstrated to contribute to the relief of arthritis pains and the lowering of cholesterol in the body. This pain relief available from the yam root is explained by its anti-inflammatory properties. The root, when taken as a supplement, relieves muscle pain and inflammation, which is a valuable benefit for bodybuilders who regularly utilize their muscles. Lower cholesterol is also essential for maintaining the body’s level of cardiovascular fitness required for bodybuilding. The increased levels of estradiol from testosterone accounts for better brain functioning and bone growth as well. The wild yam root can also be used by males to increase their libido, as testosterone is the male sex hormone.

Natural Wild Yam Root Bodybuilding Supplements

It is evident that wild yam root supplements can enhance the efforts of bodybuilding. The root promotes a valuable increase in hormone levels that stimulate muscle development, and it encourages quick and proper metabolic processing. Along with an appropriate nutritional diet and weight lifting, gains can be recognized quickly. Although caution should be taken when considering any kind of supplement, the wild yam root is a useful, natural substitute for otherwise dangerous hormone stimulants that are used by bodybuilders to more easily develop and strengthen muscles.

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