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Barry Bonds to a myriad of olympians have used Winstrol to get excellent anabolic and androgenic results without the plethora of side effects similarly effective steroids are known for. Winstrol has been a favorite steroid of users since its first introduction in the 1960’s, for over 50 years, Winnie has been the go-to oral steroid for cutting without losing muscle mass.

Other Names for Winstrol

Winstrol is the oral brand name of Stanozolol, it can also be referred to as Winstrol Depot which is the injectable version of this synthetic steroid. Unlike lots of  other synthetic steroids it is not esterified which keeps purity and bioavailability up. In the black market Winstrol is commonly called Winnie, Win, or Depot.

Uses of Winny

Winstrol was originally marketed to treat osteoporosis, and pituitary dwarfism. Other uses have included being prescribed for aplastic anemia. It has almost consistently been in use by bodybuilders since it’s introduction. Because of the increased metabolism of adipose fat, without reducing muscle mass it’s a go-to steroid for a slimming or cutting cycle.

Side Effects Of Stanozolol Use

As Winstrol is a DHT derivative it shares side effects with many of the other androgenic steroids. This means that a good Post cycle therapy plan is essential to any user of Winni.       

Erectile Dysfunction - After a Winstrol cycle erectile dysfunction commonly occurs.

Male Pattern Baldness - Win has been know to speed up the balding process in some men.

Cardiac Damage - As with many other Steroids high blood pressure is a potentially life threatening side effect that can lead to permanent damage.

Gynecomastia - Extended Winni cycles can still cause you to grow the dreaded man boobs. 

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Other Steroids That Get Stacked with Winny

As Winstrol is primarily used during the cutting cycle in bodybuilding, it’s a common companion to clenbuterol, or other steroids that do not add water weight. Because of the DHT base PCT is 100% required for any extended stack cycles. 

Steroid Shorts: Winstrol from CrazyMass on Vimeo.

Where to buy Winstrol Online

Winstrol is only available with a prescription in the United States, Winstrol Depot which is injectible is approved for veterinary uses. Black market buyers will generally seek out an unscrupulous vet to acquire the injectable from. Many stores online do illegally sell winstrol produced in Romania, Ukraine, and other Unregulated countries. The quality and purity of any Winny that is bought online can vary wildly and it’s important to use your best judgement when shopping for any steroid online.  

Common Winstrol questions

Where can I get Winstrol Legally?

-Without a prescription there is no legal way to get it in the US.

Is Winstrol  Banned in Sports?

-Nearly every major sporting authority has banned the use of both oral and injectable winstrol, there are some states that allow for Stanozolol to be used in horse racing.

How long is it detectable?

-A single dose of oral winstrol can be detected for at least 7-10 days, a frequent user would be detectable for much longer.

What can I use Legally to get Winstrol-like Effects?

Because of its DHT base, there is no legal option for getting winstrol level effects from any product without breaking the law. However our Winnidrol supplement has been very carefully formulated to mimic Winstrol’s cutting effects. And we worked hard towards preventing the common DHT like side effects that plague Winnie users.

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