Bodybuilders need to maximize the potential of every piece of nutrition they take in. Pre-workout nutrition is an integral part of this because, without it, your body doesn’t have the required nutrients to function at optimum levels. To make the most of their performance every single day, professional bodybuilders turn to pre-workout supplements. But what are these supplements and do they work? Read on to find out.

Understanding the Bodybuilder’s Pre-Workout

It’s not just bodybuilders who want to make the most of their exercise time, pro athletes all over the world are known to engage in a little pre-workout supplementation. Supplements nowadays have nothing to do with the old anabolic steroids we knew of in the past. Popular modern supplements are healthy, suitable for specific activities (like boosting strength or enhancing endurance) and help the professionals workout with the right ingredients in their bodies.

So what is a pre-workout supplement? Consider it like this: you skip breakfast and go to the gym. Soon after you start, you get tired, weak, and maybe even nauseous. Breakfast, before you left, would have been a pre-workout supplement, provided it had included optimized foods like oats, beetroot or eggs if you’d added a protein shake to that then all the better. A supplement ‘supplies’ the body with the nutrition it needs to work hard for a while. 

What Types Of Pre-Workout Are There?

Let’s assume that we are having breakfast and taking a few natural boosters as well, to make sure we are doing our best for our bodies. If we take too much, the chances are that our bodies will naturally flush out the excess – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t follow the dosage exactly. So if we were taking these boosters, what is the best pre-workout supplement to take? 

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The Top Five Pre-Workout Supplements

There are four brilliant pre-workout supplements that we here at CrazyMass recommend. These are:

  1. Nitric Oxide Booster – Nitric Oxide opens up the blood vessels and allows nutrients to travel around your body faster. It is excellent for heart health, can lower blood pressure, and helps you make measurable gains in the gym. Try adding a protein shake with a little nitric oxide to your breakfast around 45 minutes before you work out.
  2. Whey Protein – A perfect pre-workout shake requires whey protein to set you up for muscle growth. Whey protein is easily digestible, so your body will take what it needs and pass what it doesn’t. Since protein is essential for muscle synthesis, you should always shake before you lift.
  3. Beetroot – Without a word of a lie, beetroot is one of the best pre-workout foods you can eat. Dietitians say it helps maximize oxygen input and energy output. Who knew?
  4. B Vitamins – B Vitamins are all tailored to suiting a specific function in the body. Better yet, most of them produce red blood cells, build bone, retain calcium, build muscle mass, and generate new tissue. They also eliminate free radicals from the bloodstream, so in winter when we aren’t getting enough sunlight, they become even more essential. You can find B vitamins in fruit and vegetables, but snack on seeds, nuts, and dried fruit in the morning for the best impact.
  5. Oats and Grains – Oats, grains, nuts, and seeds are all nutrient-packed and perfect for pre-workouts. They contain just about every vitamin between them – but more importantly, they provide a vast mineralogical base of goodness that can keep you in peak performance at all times. Not only are the great pre-workout food, but they are also great all day long.


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Other Supplements to Support A Pre-Workout Routine

As we all know, eggs and avocados are an excellent food source for pre-workout if you are bulking – but what if you are cutting? Your diet, and therefore your pre-workout supplements, should change slightly according to your cycles. Primarily, when bulking, you are focusing on foods with high nutritional value and calorific content. When cutting this focus should shift to maximum nutrition, with less emphasis on the massive calorie intake. 

Remember, if you are using bulking or cutting stacks, there is a high chance that some of your performance enhancing supplements will need to be taken alongside your morning supplements. 


The Best Breakfast for Bulking

Several functional bulking foods fall into the breakfast category. Try cottage cheese alongside hard-boiled eggs. Add oats, flax seeds and a scoop of all-natural yogurt. If anything needs to be sweeter, use honey instead of sugar. A handful of dried fruit and nuts will also make sure you get the best nutritional value while bulking. Feel free to add a little extra nutty goodness at this point in your cycle.


The Best Breakfast for Cutting

Take the focus away from the high carb, high-calorie breakfast items, and turn to the wheat germ, rice cake, and fresh fruit kind of meal. When cutting all cereals are great, but don’t overdo it and keep away from the sweet stuff. Yogurt is still acceptable but don’t use sweetened ones. Bananas, berries, and grapefruit are high because they don’t contain quite as much sugar as other fruits do.

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Pre-Workout Supplements from CrazyMass

Of course, we do our own range of supplements! With specialist knowledge like ours, why wouldn’t we? Our supplements are all safety vetted, laboratory tested, and specifically designed to enhance your workout performance, across the board. We supply cutting stacks, bulking stacks, and strength and endurance enhancers that are all legal, all-natural, and all excellent. Visit our shop today and start making the most of your gains.