Amplify Your Results with a Stack Stack gains fast with our bulking stack If you’re in the bulking phase, you need the Crazymass Bulking Stack. Our stack includes D-Anaoxn, Testosteroxn, D-ka, and T-Bal 75 for massive muscle gains you won’t get with a single supplement. These four products are specially formulated to work together to help you blow past that plateau and nail your gain goals. We’ve combined the most trusted, hardcore anabolics in one stack for a synergistic effect that lets you maximize results. Pair with a quality, high calorie and high protein diet and see how quickly your body… Read More »

Bring Out the Beast with Protein-Rich Wild Game You need protein but who says it has to come from the same old sources? Wild game is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and typically has less fat and more protein than the usual fare. Here are a few good sources to add to your meal rotation. Ostrich You may not find ostrich meat at your corner store, but it is worth a broader search. Compared with chicken in equal servings, you will get about 10 grams more protein with ostrich and more iron, too. Prepare ostrich as you would beef style… Read More »

4 Halloween Costumes for Body Builders Whether you love Halloween or hate it, you’ve got to admit it is the perfect time to let your alter ego hang out. Leave mild-mannered you behind and strut your confident, sexy self. You’ve worked hard to build a body that gets more than a second look. Go ahead and show off a bit (or a whole lot) with these Halloween costumes that will have all eyes on you. Adult Spartan Deluxe Costume – 300 Around $40 at Party City Sparta was a city in ancient Greece renowned for its military might. All those… Read More »

What are Your 3 Fitness Goals for Fall? Whether your goal is to gain or bulk up, lose/cut or build muscle and strength you really need a solid fitness and nutrition plan to achieve results. Here are some tips to get started. Be Realistic Fall lasts for three months beginning in late September. That means whatever you set out to achieve should be something you can realistically accomplish within that time frame. Checklist or performance, rather than long-term, goals are appropriate here. For example, if you are cutting you might determine a minimum number of days for cardio and lifting… Read More »

4 Fall Vegetables for Cutting A diet rich in vegetables is important no matter your fitness goals. These colorful gems offer a number of benefits that help your body work better and reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic illnesses. They are low in calories, too. That makes veggies a must on your cutting menu. Here are four to include on your plate for breakfast lunch or dinner Broccoli Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable along with arugula, kale, Chinese cabbage and mustard greens. Cruciferous vegetables contain phytochemicals and nutrients that reduce the risk of cancer, detoxify carcinogens before they… Read More »

The only thing worse than letting yourself get out of shape is failing to do what it takes to get back into shape. Don’t wallow too long. So you slipped out of your routine. You must begin again. Reevaluate Getting to the gym isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are lots of moving parts to manage such as your work schedule, personal/family life, energy level, other commitments, money and time. Take a moment now to think about which one of these presented the obstacle. Did you have a heavy class load or a sick child at home? If the… Read More »

If the bulking cycle has been your excuse to eat whatever your heart desires, with no thought about nutrition or fat gains, it is time for a new plan. The bulking cycle isn’t only about calories in, it is also about quality nutrition. These four foods provide fuel for the kinds of hard workouts that get results. The bonus…they help you minimize fat gains and provide the nutrients your body need for better overall functioning. Meat All meat is not created equal. Sure, it is all an excellent source of protein but some sources also have plenty of fat. Fried… Read More »

Don’t Forget the Protein – Here are 4 Reasons Why Hard exercise places significant demands on the body. Many foods, such as beans, lean meats, and dairy products are good sources of protein, but that may not be enough. Additional protein helps you meet the demand of a hard workout and build muscle, too. Protein shakes sources include, pea whey, casein, soy, eggs, rice, milk, and hemp. Whey, a fast-digesting protein, is a common favorite. Choose the source that works best for you, but choose. Protein shakes are as essential to your workout as the workout itself. Protein shakes can… Read More »

The human body is made of mostly water, we cannot live without it. In fact, water is the most important nutrient we can take in. Just as adequate hydration optimizes virtually every function of the body, inadequate hydration has several negative impacts. The stakes are higher for bodybuilders. If you don’t drink enough water you are not doing enough to support your growth, recovery or performance. According to a National Institutes of Health article titled, Water, Hydration, and Health: During challenging athletic events, it is not uncommon for athletes to lose 6–10% of body weight in sweat loss, thus leading to dehydration if… Read More »

A cycle is the period during which you are focused on achieving a particular bodybuilding goal. Cycles vary in length depending on your individual needs, goals and fitness level. There are three commonly recognized cycles. Bulking cycle – The primary goal is to gain muscle. Choose products that help you build mass and support recovery, expect to also gain some fat. Cutting cycle – The primary goal is to highlight the gains achieved during the bulking cycle. Show off your new muscle and burn the fat you picked up. Choose products that help you burn fat and boost energy. Lean bulk cycle –… Read More »