Steroid Facts & Legal Alternatives

Steroids are known to deliver great and desired results while also coming with many unwanted risks and side effects. These can include decreased libido, hair loss, kidney, liver and heart disease and altered mood that can include, irritability, aggression, and suicidal thoughts. This problem is rearing its head to many people seeking the help of such steroids. Because of this, many bodybuilders have been making the switch and turning to supplements that instead act like and mimic the positive effects of steroids. Let’s take a few moments and go into some of these alternative options.  H-GH A lot of these mass muscle… Read More »

In the world of fitness and more specifically muscle building, it is common for people to want a little extra push. Many people turn to illegal anabolic steroids like Anadrol and Dianabol. These can have horrible side effects on the body like loss of libido, liver damage and increased aggression. Though they will likely leave you feeling great and competition ready at first, they are simply not worth the risk. Luckily, there are some better and safer alternatives that are classified as legal steroids. Let’s take a dive into some of the alternative choices.    D-Anaoxn Elite Series D-Anaoxn is a derivative of the anabolic… Read More »

Human growth hormone or HGH is naturally produced by the pituitary gland which is part of a person’s endocrine system, and its principal function is to produce hormones into the organism’s blood system. HGH’s main function is growth, cell reproduction, and regeneration. With the help of HGH, the human organism can build and repair healthy tissue in the organs, including the brain, as well as help the healing process, repair muscle tissue and build muscle mass. It also has metabolism boosting and fat burning properties. Some studies also show that HGH can slow aging, help with age-related diseases and improve… Read More »

The world of bodybuilding is a little more complicated than you might think at first glance. It’s not just about competing – it’s about the work that goes into getting to that stage, to begin with, and then maintaining it. As well as a strict training regime and a healthy, balanced diet, pro competitors need to avoid drugs and alcohol and hire private doctors just to monitor any supplements they use to make gains, cut or grow. These supplements are called Anabolic Steroids, and if you are a pro competitor, you want the best available on the market. To that… Read More »

When they were initially invented, bodybuilding steroids were thought of as a miracle new drug that would help you grow muscle mass and make you faster, bigger and stronger. They also have certain medical applications in the treatment of degenerative conditions which saw doctors prescribing them left, right and center. More than fifty years on we have learned that these wonder drugs have some horrible side effects brought on by using them for prolonged periods of time… So then the race was on to find safe alternatives to bodybuilding steroids so that we could keep the benefits and get rid… Read More »

Most people hear the word ‘steroids’ and bridle because they assume they are illegal. There are many FDA approved steroids that are seriously beneficial when it comes to making gains, making cuts, strength and endurance and all-round growth. Here at CrazyMass, we know the importance of using the right combination of legal supplements to get you the most benefit for your money. We call these legal steroid stacks – and we have the very best top 6 legal steroid stacks for sale right here on our website!   1 – The CrazyMass Bulking Stack Our top pick of all time… Read More »

To answer the question of whether or not legal PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) work let us first set the scene. Anabolic steroids came about through scientific trial and at the time when they were first released, almost all of them were hailed as “miracle drugs” for the effects on the body. Legal supplements were developed because the original anabolic steroids were dangerous and had harmful effects on the body when exposed on a long-term basis. What Has All This Got To Do With Legal PEDs? They were developed as a direct result of the originals becoming banned. Why? Because there… Read More »

So let’s get one thing straight before we begin: steroid use is illegal in most places unless you have a doctor’s prescription for it. While this automatically makes people gasp and leap to the conclusion that bodybuilders shouldn’t be using them – let’s let that statement sink in. If only doctors can prescribe them, and bodybuilders use them, then it stands to reason that the vast majority of professional bodybuilding competitors all have doctors of their own that are closely monitoring their health. Doctors and Bodybuilding Go Hand In Hand! So every steroid that a pro bodybuilder takes is closely… Read More »

Anabolic steroids are banned in most places and are often illegal to own without a prescription. To avoid this animosity, athletes and bodybuilders the world over are turning to safer, legal alternatives that won’t do the same long-term damage to the body. Enter the Legal Steroid Stack – an alternative that does the same job with minimal risks. Get the gains you want without the health risk by learning how to use these boosters with CrazyMass. What are Steroid Stacks? Steroids all tend to be geared towards doing a single specific job, or towards only having one result. When you… Read More »

Bodybuilding steroids are shrouded in a mystery of their own – whether or not they are legal. Unfortunately, the answer varies from country to country and while they may be legal across the sea or south in Mexico they are, for the most part, illegal in the States. Many countries followed suit after this outright ban, all with their own specifications and added laws. But are bodybuilding steroids legal in Canada? We put together this handy article for you to answer the question of bodybuilding steroids legality in the north, so read on to find out. What Are Bodybuilding Steroids?… Read More »